Why Keyless Entry Systems Are Ideal for Your Business

As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to secure your business premises, employees, and assets. It means keeping track of your staff’s entry and exit time, making sure all doors are locked while leaving, etc. And that’s where keyless entry systems will give you peace of mind. It can give your commercial property a higher level of protection. Now, go through the entire blog to explore why you should go for this security system.

Reasons to Opt For Keyless Entry System

Listed below are the significant reasons why you should install keyless entry locks at your commercial property.

Increases Security

Keyless entry system benefits all business that comprises a high rate of employees. This security system allows business owners to control over who can and cannot enter the building. With its help, you can issue or deny entry permission through an internet connection. The keyless entry system comes with different locking devices. So, contact commercial locksmiths and choose the right one.

There Is No Risk of being Locked Out

Keyless entry means neither you nor your employees need not worry about being locked out. For instance, if you forget your car key inside the office, just enter the code and walk-in. Or, your keyless entry systems may have a fingerprint recognition that makes it easier to enter the building.


Digging around for keys is a hassle. But with a keyless entry system, you need not waste time searching for keys. The convenience of this security system can make it easier for you to enter your business premises safely and quickly. Keyless entry locks are usually battery powered. So, there is no space for routing wiring to the door.


Traditional locks may wear down over time. It can be due to heavy handling or rust. As a result, these can malfunction. But, with a keyless entry lock, you wouldn’t have to face any problem like this. In this system, there is no space for shaking keys in the locking unit. You just need to press the button and unlock the door. It means this security system lasts for a prolonged time.

There Is No Risk of being Locked Out

Better Accessibility

Installing a keyless entry lock is vital for a business that has a high rate of employee turnover. It can meet the specific needs of the building. Your mechanical keys may be lost, stolen, or copied. On the flip, a password can protect you against this risk. Some keyless entry locks have built-in access control features. These include audit trails, the ability to program access codes, etc.

A keyless entry system is also a cost-effective option. So, install it at your business premises and enhance security.

We, Wilson’s Locksmith, do this task. Our technicians have adequate knowledge and years of experience in installing a keyless entry system. Read our other blogs to know more.

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