10 Measures to Take Immediately After A Home Burglary

A home burglary is truly a traumatic experience that may leave victims feeling vulnerable. Most of them feel helpless and puzzled thinking that what to do. However, if you face this situation, you need to respond to the incident as early as possible. And it’s a must to take the ten measures discussed in this blog.

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Steps to Take after Your Home Gets Broken Into

Listed below are the ten measures you need to take immediately after your home is burglarized.

1. Call the Police

You should call the police immediately after the incident takes place at your home. And if you sense that the burglars are still inside your home, leave promptly.

2. Make a list of what you have

It’s quite challenging for homeowners to do. Many of them will still be dealing with this shock. But this information helps get the answer to why the burglars targeted them.

3. Take Pictures

The photos can be concrete evidence of what your home looks like after the robbery. Hence, you take pictures of your home. The police may need these while investigating your case.

4. Don’t Touch Anything

It’s prudent not to touch anything before the police arrive. Fingerprints can help a lot in this case. And with the aid of these, police can reach the culprits shortly.

5. Call Insurance Company

You need to call the insurance company quickly. But, prior to that, it’s crucial to document the damages, make a list of missing items. And by showing this document, you can make a claim.

6. Don’t Throw Out the Broken Things

You may throw out the damaged and broken things after getting frustrated. But this mistake can become an impediment to find out the culprits. So, try to be calm and never do this mistake.

7. Clean Your Home

Violent entry can cause damage to an integral part of a home. However, you need to clean up the damages. A successful clean up can help you get a sense of how things stood in your home.

8. Let Your Neighbours Know

Burglars are likely to strike the same area multiple times. They usually observe the area for a couple of days before they commit to this crime. Therefore, be a good neighbor and alert them about a burglary.

9. Contact Your Bank

It’s best to call your bank even if you are not sure whether they take financial records or not. You may not realize the effect of stolen documents. But it's better to change the bank account to avoid any potential losses.

10. Increase Security

Having someone burglarized your home means you need to have a robust security system. Well, there are plenty of advanced security systems you can choose for your property. These include a master key, deadbolt, magnetic lock, etc.


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