Rekeying Vs. Changing Locks: Which Is The Best Option?

Have you recently moved into your new property? Then you are definitely concerned about the security, right? Well, when it comes to increasing the security of a property, many homeowners get confused. Rekeying Vs. changing locks which on is better? It’s because both of these two are great options. Are you also in a dilemma to choose the right one? Then read the entire blog that can help you decide.

Before choosing the right security option between the two (rekeying Vs. changing locks), one needs to know the important things about these. So, let’s proceed.

What Is Rekeying A Lock?

Rekeying a lock means removing the springs and pins in the lock cylinder and replacing these with new ones. It means your lock will be the same, but the parts are changed. And this newly formed lock works with a new and different key. In this method, the factor that makes a lock secure is the number of pins inside it.

When you should rekey your lock?

Listed below are two common scenarios when property owners should rekey their locks.

Some homeowners want to change the old key and replace it with a new one. But they are happy with their existing lock. In this situation, lock rekeying is the best option.

You have different keys for different locks. And you want all the locks to match a single key. In this respect, you need to go for rekeying.

When You Should Go For Changing Locks?

You should change the locks of your home under the following circumstances.

Many homeowners want to upgrade the security of their property with a high-security lock. In this situation, you need to change your lock.

You have different locks of different brands. But you need to have locks of the same brand. So, you have no option other than changing locks.

Now, let’s know about the pros of these two security options.

Benefits of Rekeying a Lock

It’s truly irritating to carry out different keys. And that’s where lock rekeying can give a remedy.

Rekeying your entire door locks means having a robust security system for a property. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about losing your keys.

This approach will give you a chance to have a master key. You can ask your locksmith to provide a single key that is accessible to all locks.

Pros of Changing Locks

If you want to upgrade your locks, you have to replace the old ones. Besides, high-security locks can reduce costs in the long run.

With this option, you can customize your door locks to meet your security needs.

Well, the debate on choosing these two options will never end. From the points mentioned above, it’s clear that each of these two is the best depending on the security needs. Hence, it’s prudent to consult with a locksmith to get the right option.

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