“Rekey” Or “Changing Your Lock” Which One Is Better?

You might find an enthusiastic look when you will tell anyone about re-keying a lock. Changing the existing lock is OK, but what is re-keying? “Rekey” or “changing your lock” which one is better? Precisely to put re-keying is the process to readjust the internal lock system without changing the entire lock. However, there always remains a tussle between Rekey vs. Changing your locks.

If you seek suggestions, some people will suggest opting for re-keying. Whereas, other will advise to change the lock. If you are confused about this, have a look at the adjoined passage and know which one will be perfect.

“Rekey” Or “Changing Your Lock” Which One Is Better Option?

Essentials need to know about lock changing

Replacing a lock means your old lock will become brand new. The entire lock body will look different. It is a costly process than re-keying the lock but it comes with several benefits. The main reason that makes it expensive is that changing the lock provides a new lockset. Here are some advantages to opt for changing locks.

  1. If you opt to replace your locks rather than re-keying them, you can enjoy the freedom to upgrade your locks and the home security.

  2. Replacing locks gives you the freedom to customize the security. For example- you might insert additional security pins, or can install longer screws in your lock, as per need. Hence, changing the lock gives you the freedom to have a customized security canvas.

For understanding which one you should choose between Rekey vs. Changing your locks, it is important to know about re-keying also. Here is some info about re-keying.

What is rekeying?

The name of the service might give you an insight into the process and the idea what is re-keying. It means, readjusting the internal locking system, so it functions with a different key. There is no doubt, that re-keying is much cheaper than changing the whole lock system. Just like the re-keying, it also comes with some awesome advantages. Here is the list.

  1. As said earlier, re-keying the will save your money. if you want to secure your property, but don’t want to break the bank, you can go for this service. It will change some parts of the key without burdening your wallet and provide great security.

  2. Re-keying your locks can help increase your overall security. This is because it is a great way to reset the key control and abolish all other keys that might already have operated your lock before. It provides an unhindered security and make assure that the people, who have the copy of the key will not cause any security thread.

This sounds simple, but if you are not experienced enough, you might face difficulty to accomplish the task. Hence, it is better to take the help of an efficient locksmith for re-keying or key changing.

What is rekeying?

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