Lost Your Car Keys? – Here Is What You Should Do

Misplacing or losing your car keys was not a big issue even decades ago. You could use the spare car keys. However, with the passing days, technology has advanced and so has the car and car keys. Therefore, if you have lost your car keys, replacing them can be difficult or expensive. Depending on the model and age of the vehicle, replacing a car key might need several steps. Also, this can cost you hundreds of dollars, experts say. Therefore, if you don’t own a spare car key, it is high time you had a backup. After that, you had better keep it somewhere safe.

In the following passages, here are the five trendy types of car keys. Also, here are experts’ suggestions on what you should do if your car keys go missing.

Standard Car Keys

The traditional car keys are essential in the auto industry. Its use is mechanical. You need to put and turn it into the ignition cylinder to start your car.

What to do if you lose it: In case you lose your traditional car keys, call an auto locksmith. They will come and make you a new key right on the spot. Sometimes, when it is about older or unusual vehicles, things can get more complicated. You might need to replace the existing ignition lock cylinder and key.

Car Key Fob

The first car key fobs were add-ons and to bring convenience. These can help in locking and unlocking your vehicle. However, you can still depend on a standard car key. You can also use the key to unlock the doors.

What if you lose it: In case you lose the fob, it is alright. Still, you can use the car key to unlock your car and operate it. Fobs are available in the form of aftermarket products. And, you can program it with no hassle without any special equipment. You can get them at auto part stores, dealerships, online, etc. These are also inexpensive.

Switchblade Key and car key fob

Switchblade Key and car key fob

When the detached fob released, auto manufacturers incorporated the two in a unique mechanism. The technique could both lock and unlock the vehicle with a key with spring.

What to do if you lose it: These are pricier than the plain fobs. Replacing an aftermarket fob with a switchblade key can cost more or less 100 dollars. You can find with no hassle at a dealership. Here you can cut and program these keys right on the spot. These are accessible online too.

The other types of car keys are transponder keys, smart keys, and others. In case you are in any problem with these keys, consult an auto locksmith. Their services are all available at reasonable charges. And they strive to solve your problem in a fast process.

You can rely on them since they have years of experience and vast knowledge. In case you need an emergency car key replacement, call them. Search online to get in touch with a trusted locksmith service provider.

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