Key Gets Stuck in The Door!! – What to Do?

Imagine a situation where tired, frustrated you are just back from your office. For opening the door, right after you twist the key into the keyhole, you realize it is stuck!! What will you do? You might push it, twist the key forcefully. And then find all your efforts are in vain! When your keys get stuck in the door, this is another way you get locked out. The difference is here. This time you have your keys with you. It is not locked inside.

However, it is a disaster that sometimes can lead to hiring professionals. Yes, you can try some DIY tricks. But make sure things won’t get worse anyway. When you try to twist the key forcefully – you can end up breaking the lock. You can break the key too.

When it is about trying some basic and safe DIY tricks, here are some handy tips and tricks below. However, remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you think that things can go wrong, consider hiring professional locksmiths. They will save you both time and money.

Tip 1: Push the plug firmly

A loose plug can cause a problem. Push the key into the keyhole as far as it goes. Try to turn the key to make sure the keyway slot is in the right position as it was when you inserted the key.

It is the proper position for the pin tumblers to stay in line in the cylinder. At the same time, use your fingertip to push the face of the plug firmly next to the key. Then twist the key gently and try to pull the key out. You never know. For you, maybe that’s all it takes!

Tip 2: Grease the lock

If the first trick doesn’t help you, maybe the problem is not with the plug. Often, imperfect copies and new keys are responsible for hanging on the tumbler pins. At this point, lubricating the lock might help. When you are trying to get back a key stuck in a lock – spray lubricant into the keyhole. Wiggle the key up and down but not side to side. Once the key is out, ask your professional locksmith to file them. It will help prevent future sticking.

Push the plug firmly

Trick 3: Using broken key extractor

If you forcefully push and twist the key into the keyhole, you are likely to end up breaking the key with half of it left inside the lock. If this happens to you, you had better call the experts. However, the thing you can try is to spray lubricant into the keyhole. Try to grab the visible end of the key with tweezers etc.

As you are not likely to have the required tools and products with you in such a situation, you can contact us. Our experts come with an extractor kit to fix the problem. Visit our other blogs to explore more.
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