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Wilson Locksmith, Minneapolis, MN, has been working with services related to lock and keys ignition cylinders for decades. An ignition cylinder is a mechanical part of the lock and key system that operates when a key is inserted into the keyhole. The ignition cylinder uses an ignition switch for operating. This switch is an electrical part that prevents any theft activity when a different key is inserted into the cylinder system. Wilson Locksmith is well known for providing first-class car igniter services. Our experts provide top-class and quality work no matter what your problem is. Contact us to get a reliable solution to your problem.

Keys Got Stuck In The Ignition Cylinder!

 A common problem people encounter in their daily routine is that their car keys get stuck in the ignition cylinder. There are multiple reasons why this happens. If a car key is worn out or is not cut properly, it can get stuck inside the ignition cylinder. This places you in a troublesome situation. But there are some ways you can easily do on the spot to get the key out of it unless you have applied force and a part of the key is broken inside. Follow the following steps in case of a stuck key:

  • Push the key full inside the lock and then try to rotate it in the unlock direction. This will help soften the force, and the key will be pulled out.
  • If this doesn’t work, use some lubricant spray that will help make the key freely movable inside the lock.
  • You can also use a pencil or any thin tool above the stuck portion of the key.
  • Call an automotive locksmith expert if these hacks do not work at all and do not bring you out of the problem.
  • Wilson Locksmith, Minneapolis, MN, provides the best experts for dealing with keys stuck inside the igniter cylinder. We bring you out of the situation within a few minutes of our work.

Keys Broke Inside The Igniter!

Another troubling situation you can put yourself in is breaking your key inside the ignition cylinder. This happens when your key gets stuck, and instead of doing some hacks smoothly, you start to apply force resulting in the breakage of the key inside the lock. In such a situation, the following hacks might help you get out of the problem:

  • Use a glue gun and apply it to the broken key area. After some time, when it gets dry, try pulling it out. The broken part of the key will come out with this.
  • Use a tweezer or key extractor to pull the broken key out of the lock.
  • Use a paper clip and handle the broken key part with its help to pull it out.
  • If these hacks fail, you must contact an expert.

For this purpose, our service members have all the modern and latest tools and equipment to remove your key’s broken part from the lock. Also, our locksmith will make a new key and program it according to your vehicle.

Emergency Services!

Ignition cylinder problems are scary, especially when you need to reach somewhere in time. Therefore these locksmiths must be experienced in providing quick, fast, and reliable services. For example, if your key gets stuck in or broken down in the lock, and you have no time to try it by yourself, you would call the nearby locksmith in an emergency. Our team is available 24/7 providing their services on an emergency basis. Contact us, and our nearest mobile locksmiths will contact you after a few minutes. They are experts in every emergent igniter-related problem.

Call us at our contact number below and become free of any worry.

Keys Got Damaged And Can’t Be Inserted Into The Ignition Cylinder!

It’s a common practice to keep using the keys without maintaining them. This makes them worn out easily and can put us in trouble. If not maintained properly and not handled with care, or if the keys fall on some rocky ground, they can get damaged in such a way that either they can’t be inserted into the lock cylinder or they do not fit properly and become free in their keyholes. Both of these situations are trouble and need urgent management. Our service members show their expertise, replace the key with a new one, and program it according to your vehicle. This way, the extensive lock system remains the snake, and only the damaged key is repaired

Our Fast Mobile Services!

Locksmith in Minneapolis provides mobile services for your convenience and does not take much time to reach out to you after contacting us. Email us at @wilsonlocksmith.com or make us a phone call at

(707) 996-3707.

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