Here’s How to Deal with Your Broken or Lost Car Keys

Have you lost your car keys? Or, have they got broken while opening your car door lock? It’s truly embarrassing if you don’t have a remote key fob. Don’t panic! A few crucial tips given in this blog will help you get rid of this unwanted broken or lost car keys situation.

Tips to Deal with Broken Car Keys

The following tips can help you get rid of this embarrassing situation.

1. Check the Key Stump

You can handle a broken car key situation with the help of a pair of pliers. You need to check how much of the snapped key has been stuck out of the lock. If you think that there is enough to snag with a set of pliers, you can pull it out.

After taking the car key out, take these two pieces to a renowned locksmith to get replaced. And make sure you have got a pair of keys prepared for your car. Don’t forget to resist the temptation to turn the keys with pliers.

2. Use the Special Tools

You may have different tools to resolve this issue, but these tools don’t help you always. You can buy a set of removal tools if the top of the broken car key is stuck to the lock. And don’t forget to put some spray lubricant before using these tools. These are intended to slide in alongside the key, which will allow us to work it out. If the tools don’t work, you will have no option other than to call an automotive locksmith.

3. Try Magnets

You can use a magnet as a car removal tool. It can grab onto the metal of your car key and then pull it out. This method may not guarantee to give you a successful result. Your car key may not have enough metal to stick to a magnet, but you should try it at least once.

Now, let’s know what to do if you lost your car keys. Well, there are different types of keys that you can use in this situation. Let’s have a look at them.

Different Keys to Use after Losing Your Car Key

Different Keys to Use after Losing Your Car Key

Listed below are the various types of keys you can use when your car key is missing.

1. Conventional Key

This key used by the car business is a traditional one. You need to place it into the start chamber and drive your car. If you lose it, call a locksmith to make another key.

2. Transponder Key

These are ignition keys that come with a plastic head embedded with a computer chip. If you lose it, tow your car to the dealership. And purchase a key by providing proof of ownership of your car.

3. Master Key

A smart key is suitable for the vehicle that comes with a start button on the dash. This technology operates via a proximity sensor that knows when the key is nearby. If you lose this key, do the same as a transponder key.

We, Wilson’s Locksmith, are always available to help you out in case of broken or lost car keys. Read our other blogs to know more.

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