Has Your Key Broken Inside A Lock? Here Is How to Get It Out!

A key broken inside a lock can be a frustrating situation. And you cannot resolve it unless you know the right way. But with proper information, you can better understand this problem and opt for the correct way to get rid of it. Well, this blog aims to take you through the right step to remove a broken key from a lock. So, read the significant info given in this blog before you proceed.

Here are the ways to remove a key broken inside a lock

Many people consider that the lock will open by inserting the rest of the key. But don’t try this. This approach will push the broken part into the lock again. And all the methods will work faster unless you insert the key deeply. However, listed below are how you can remove a broken key from your lock.

Use a broken key extractor

It’s a professional solution to this problem. There is no better way to solve this issue for removing a key stuck in the lock. The key extractor is designed especially for this purpose. You have to place this tool inside the keyway along the bitting. Then you need to hook the teeth on the key with the hook of the extractor. Once you place it, turn and pull to remove the key.

Opt for a jigsaw blade

You have to fit the blade in your keyway. The more the jigsaw blade is small, the more it will be easy for you. You can break it with needle-nose pliers. It will allow you to insert the serrated edge into the lock. If the serration is on an angle, place the blade in a way so that the serration is pointing back to you. This approach helps you insert the blade with ease. Now, turn and pull, and the broken key would be out.

Tap the cylinder

You need to point the keyway down towards the ground to tap the cylinder. It works better if you can remove the cylinder. However, hit the lock with a hammer when it positions with the keyhole facing down. It would be ideal if you strike a solid surface by hitting the cylinder. But striking the keyway side of the lock is highly recommended. As a result, gravity will pull the broken key.

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Try tweezers

Many people opt for the tweezers to remove a broken key from a lock. But your concern should be the thickness of it and how far the key has gone inside the keyway. Aside from, you have to choose the tweezers of right-sized. Otherwise, it will push the key into the keyway. So, make sure that the tweezers are wide enough to fit around the key. But it should not be thick. When the key is too far, you need to push it deeper.

But if you are unable to do with the methods mentioned above, it’s prudent to call the locksmiths. We, Wilson’s Locksmith can help you in this respect. All our technicians are highly trained. We are available 24/7 hours to our clients. So, call us immediately!

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