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Electric Door Locks: How Much Are They Important?

Have you ever found it frustrating to unlock your front door for the day? Maybe you have young kids and a pet who needs to come in right away? Or maybe you just don’t want anyone else to enter while you are out. Whatever the reason, chances are you have wondered if there was something easier than fumbling with your keys or running up to open the lock from the other side of the door. Fortunately, modern home security with electronic locks has taken care of all those little problems as well.

In this post, we explore some of the top advantages that come from having a keyless entry system instead of a traditional one, and we also explain how an electronic door lock can work as part of your home security system.

Benefits Of Electric Door Lock!

Here are some benefits of electric locks:

You’ll Be Able to Lock and Unlock the Door From Anywhere in the House

Some keyless locks let you keep the key in your pocket, purse, or wallet and lock your door from anywhere in the house, so you can get on with other things. Another benefit of keyless entry is that it frees you from having to carry around a key whenever you need to lock or unlock the door. You will be able to enter if you have a keyless entry because you can lock the door from anywhere in the house, so there is no need to carry keys around. Keyless entry is also a convenient feature if you live with others, as you can lock the door and let them know you’re busy, so they don’t interrupt you. If you want to let in a friend or babysitter, you can just press a button on your phone or voice-activated lock and get right in.

You’ll Never Have to Ask for Someone’s Key Again

While you may not need your keys all the time, it’s important to be able to get into your home if you need to. Keyless locks let you use your smartphone or an app to grant access to friends and family or those in charge, so you never have to ask for someone’s key. Alternatively, you can grant access to those you trust, like the builder or repairmen who come to your door. A keyless entry system lets you grant access to anyone you want. So you don’t have to rely on keys for everyday access.

Your Door Won’t Get Stuck Between Locks

If you have a key lock on your door and someone stomps in and kicks it, the door may not get stuck between the two locks the way a knob and mortise lock would. Instead, the door will slam shut, but the door may be dented. Modern keyless entry systems, however, are a little more sturdy. Not only can they handle more people and weather, but keyless entry systems can also handle much more force than a traditional door lock. Keyed bolts, mortise locks, and other types of locks that require a key can still be damaged by tools and brute force, but they are less likely to be damaged by it.

Keyless Locks are Usually Safer than Traditional Ones

Many people are under the impression that electric door locks are more dangerous than their traditional counterparts, but that isn’t usually the case. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has concluded that keyless entry systems are a little more secure than traditional key systems. According to the NAHB, keyless entry systems offer better security than traditional key systems because they are harder to crack. An electric door lock system uses a digital code to unlock the door, making it harder to steal the code and gain access to your home.

There Are Other Benefits to Using a Keyless Lock System!

Keyless entry systems, like electronic deadbolts, can also work as part of your home security system. For example, an electric door lock system can let you open your door from anywhere, but if you have the alarm system set up, you won’t be able to exit your home. Likewise, you could create an electric door lock that only opens your front door but not your back door. This lets you know someone is at your back door, but you can still lock it with the key you keep at your front door.

Electric Door Locks: Call Wilson Locksmith

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