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Locks are important for the safety and security of your property. There are different types of door locks offering varying levels of security. Your home should only be accessible to you and your family and closed to strangers. Hence, a proper door lock should be one that guarantees the security of your property.

In addition to providing safety and security, door locks help to maintain privacy and keep your space secure. They are important for both business and residential environments. Thanks to the development in technology, there are various locks that meet your requirements. Choosing the right one may be a challenge, but once you know what you want and the building you intend it for, it should be a breeze. Let’s talk about the different types of door locks.

Different Types of Locks

Like we mentioned earlier, there are different types of locks and they offer varying levels of security. We will discuss some of them here.


Padlocks are probably the most common type of lock, but they are rarely used for your doors. Instead, you will find them on gates, lockers, or commercial garage doors. Padlocks are the earliest form of lock and are still very much in use today. The lock mechanism for these types of locks is very simple. They come with a key or a more modern combination lock mechanism. To unlock such a lock, you just need to insert a key and turn, while you will need to enter your correct combination to unlock the other. They can be a great way of keeping things safe and secure.

Deadbolt Lock

These types of locks are very common on home front doors. In fact, you’ll find them in almost any home you enter. Two types of these locks exist: the single cylinder and the double cylinder deadbolts. However, the double cylinder offers more protection than the single cylinder deadbolt. These types of locks are known to be highly resistant to lock picking. They can be a great way to keep your home or business safe and secure.

Keypad Door Locks

These types of locks are the gateway to modern locks today. While you may not find them on every door you knock on, they are very much in use. Keypad locks can be used on safes, front doors, and office buildings. They offer a degree of security that unlocks only when the correct keycode has been entered. Only then will the handle turn to open any door. You should consider a keypad lock if you’re considering an extra level of security.

Keyless Entry Locks

These types of locks are electronic and require no keys to unlock. They are mostly found in office buildings, but can also be found at homes. They pack some serious levels of security and feature alarm systems, motion sensors, and touchscreen pads or keypads. If an incorrect code is entered, it triggers the alarm system, notifying anyone about an intruder. It is a great choice, if you ask us.

Smart Keyless Door Locks

This is another keyless entry lock but more sophisticated as it makes use of wireless connectivity. These types of locks can be directly connected to your phone and can be unlocked with just a swipe across your phone screen. They are perfect for people with an inclination towards smart homes. They can feature alarm systems, motion sensors, and even cameras. So if you’re considering this type of lock, it is definitely a good choice.

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