Commercial Door Locks VS Residential Door Locks

Keeping the workplace and residences secure is the foremost concern of every owner. If you take the interest in lock and key systems, you might want to learn about the commercial and residential door locks in detail. Both of them offer security to houses and workplaces, but there are some key differences between them. In the continuing segment, we make a comparison between Commercial Door Locks VS Residential Door Locks. We provide precise information about the lock gradation system set by ANSI. Keep reading.

Know Commercial & Residential door lock system gradation in brief

Locks and hardware for businesses and households are designed to deal with different demands. Commercial lock systems are supposed to meet a certain standard as more people come to a workplace than a residence. These locks need to make sure that they are durable enough and don’t break easily.

Grades are given by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) to judge the quality of locks. When ANSI gives a grade to the locks, they consider their durability and longevity. Have a look at those grades in the continuing segment.

Lock Grade Grade 1:

Grade 1 is the highest grade that ANSI gives. They are meant for heavy commercial use. We use grade 1 locks for buildings where huge numbers of people come every day. In certain cases, they provide security in high-traffic places such as hospitals, schools and museums, and so on.

Whether be it commercial or residential, efficient locksmith service providers are experienced in dealing with both commercial and residential locks. Before setting up any of them at your house or workplace, let’s know about other grades of locks.

Grade 2 :

Grade 2 is perfect for both heavier residential use, and light commercial use. Residences with many people might get benefit7 from these locks. Often, these locks are used in apartment buildings.

You can use them for light commercial use, as said before. At a workplace, more people come in and out than a residence. Hence, they need a lock system that will offer more security than residential locks. These are useful for this purpose.

Grade 3 :

Such locks offer basic residential security. They meet the basic security set by ANSI. They’re safe but not suitable for heavy use. If you want to give long-lasting protection to your house with moderate security, you can choose them. Unless the house is superbly busy, grade 3 locks are effective enough. It is advisable not to choose them if you use them in a place that demands a high level of security.

I Hope, the above-mentioned points have given you precise knowledge about the lock gradation system. Understanding your need, install the apt one and provide sound security to your favorite house or workplace.

Lock Grade

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