Boost The Security of Your Property with These Popular Locks

Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, locks are the backbone of security. And a professionally installed lock system is undoubtedly the best deterrent against intrusion. Moreover, it will give you peace of mind as you can keep your property fully secured with this approach. However, there are different types of locks available on the market nowadays. And these are what the locksmiths suggest to boost the security of your property with these popular locks. So, want to explore the locks before you appoint a locksmith? Read the entire blog!

The locksmiths use different locks for residential and commercial properties. So, let’s start with the residential lock first.

Different types of residential locks

Here is a list of locks available for residential homes. You can boost the security of your property with these popular locks so, have a look on them:

Electronic door lock

It’s one of the popular door locks the locksmiths install. These locks come with a touch screen and keypad. In this system, you need to enter a code to unlock the door. It’s a secure option that has eliminated the hassles of losing a key. And installing this lock will protect your home secured for years.

Sliding door locks

The locksmiths install this lock on the sliding/patio doors. But it’s highly advisable not to go for a cheaper one. You should invest in a high-quality lock.

Entry door knobs

It’s one of the most popular types of residential locks. These are affordable and quick to install. If you move into a new place and need an updated lock, you can opt for this one.


It’s an affordable option for home security. That’s why most property owners are leaning towards this security system. Moreover, its installation is easy. It comes with single or double cylinder functions.

Now, let’s move on to the commercial locks.

Different types of residential locks

Various commercial locks available these days

Listed below are the different types of commercial locks available on the market.

Panic bar

Though it sounds odd, it’s common for commercial properties. It consists of a horizontal bar installed on the inside of an outward opening door. It automatically unlocks the door, but it works from the inside. A panic bar is usually installed in places where there is heavy foot traffic.

Mortise lock

It’s a robust lock suitable for commercial properties. The deadbolt of this lock resides in the lock body. And it makes the lock less accessible and resistant to force entry.

Cylindrical lever locks

This type of lock is ideal for heavy usage. You can operate it with a combination of push-button or a key.

Wall-mounted lock

You will find wall mounted lock in the larger business areas. The business owners prefer to install it as emergency access to the keys. The locksmiths usually install this key during the time of construction. It comes with an alarm sensor allow networking in the building security system.

We, Wilson’s Locksmith, can enhance the security of your property with these locks mentioned above. Our technicians are available round the clock. We provide a warranty on our service and security products. So, contact us immediately and meet our experts.

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