Advanced Security Solutions – The Best Father’s Day Gifts Ever!!

You prefer keeping an eye on your dad for the sake of his safety, especially, when he is not getting any younger. At this point, we, Wilson’s Locksmiths will suggest that it will be a great initiative for you to install advanced security systems at your dad’s house. Also, we will prefer advising on advanced security solutions and automotive securities for the safety of your dad’s four-wheeler and for him as well.

No security trouble this Father’s Day

Father’s day is right around the corner. So we would love to share one of our experience highlights with you. Last Father’s day, we had an emergency call for a car lockout case. It was almost midnight and someone on the other side of the phone told us that his dad is locked in the car and he just can’t get a way out. The son, of course, struggled a lot and he also asked us if it will be a good option to break the window glass! (That is obviously a no-go option!!)

We spotted the location and told him that we are just getting him in no time. When we visited the problem site we found the poor dad locked in the car. A claustrophobic, he was a middle-aged person and obviously, by that time, he was almost getting sick.

Thankfully, we had our fully equipped team of professional locksmiths. We rescued them in no time. Sounds quite relieving, right? As prevention is better than cure we would suggest that always keep spare car keys. If the boy had the extra keys, he could have easily dealt with the problem.

Regarding this case, what even made the problem worse was the DIY tricks implied by the boy. He wasted a lot of time trying to fix the problem on his own and thus, quite unknowingly he put his dad into great trouble. In such a distressful condition, you are likely to lose your presence of mind and you truly can’t decide what to do. Well, do nothing but call us at 612-255-3888.

Let’s double the security of your father

This Father’s Day, don’t just get your dad a nice expensive gift but double his security and comfort with some practical security solutions:

1. Residential/commercial locksmith solutions – Fix all his malfunctioning lock systems in his house/office or if necessary, install new lock systems. Repair his safes, replace the old keys or install the master key systems. This key system will allow quicker and controlled access with the use of one key and here, the access is only granted to the permitted people. And your dad is going to love that!! You can get detailed info in this regard, in other posts on our ‘Blog’ page.

With the master key systems, your dad won’t have to bother about keeping or using multiple keys. He will surely appreciate your pragmatic Father’s Day gift since he will get complete peace of mind knowing that his business/property is secure. Our residential locksmith services include:

  • House lockout solutions

  • Key replacement

  • Lock installation and repair

  • Re-key Services

  • High security and keyless entry

  • Deadbolt installation

  • Master key systems

  • Safes etc.

Also, take a glance at our commercial locksmith services:

  • Commercial lockout

  • Master key systems

  • Keyless entry installation

  • Panic bar installation

  • Safe combination changes

  • Magnetic locks

  • High-security upgrade

  • Lock changes and repair

  • Lock rekeys

  • Key replacement and duplication etc.

Automotive locksmith service

2. Automotive locksmith service – Ask your dad to keep the phone number (612-255-3888) of a trusted locksmith service provider. And tell him if he finds anything wrong with the locks and keys, or he finds himself in trouble, he should call the expert locksmiths immediately.

We offer:

  • Car Lockout.

  • Truck lockout.

  • Key replacement and duplication.

  • Key extraction.

  • Ignition repair and replacement.

Well, we hope that this Father’s Day, dads are truly going to benefit from our locksmith and security solutions.

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