6 Tips to Fix A Car Key That Doesn’t Turn in the Ignition

It’s truly frustrating if your car key doesn’t turn in the ignition. You may be in a hurry to go somewhere. So, you head out to your car. Put the key in, and your key can’t turn the ignition. Well, to get rid of this unwanted situation, we have assembled a few tips in this blog. These guidelines can help you fix this issue. So, let’s have a look at the following passage.

Follow These Tips If Your Car Key Doesn’t Turn the Ignition

You can try the following things to get rid of this unwanted issue.

1. Lubricate the Lock

If the keyway of the ignition cylinder is jammed up, you may face this issue. In this situation, you need to lubricate the lock. In this respect, using silicon and graphite-based lubricant is the best option. However, spray the lubricant into the keyway. And wipe away if anything leaks from the keyhole. Then insert the key and turn it. If this doesn’t work, add more lubricant, and repeat the process.

2. Rapping Your Car Key

It’s also an ideal option to unjam the lock. However, rapping means shaking the internal components of the lock into the right position. The small parts inside the lock may get stuck. And in this respect, lubrication may fail to unstick the components. But shaking things inside the lock temporarily can resolve this issue. And make sure you use the tool that can create a vibration that you will apply to the cylinder.

3. Fix the Key

As a car owner, you should figure out why the key is not working. So, get your car key out of the ignition and start an investigation. You can use a spare car key and check if it works. Besides, you can compare your car key with the keys that don’t turn in the ignition. And don’t forget to check if there is any crack on the blade of your car key.

4. Replace Your Car Key

The simple approach to deal with a faulty car key is replacing it. There will always be a way to have a copy of your car key. It doesn’t matter why it can’t turn in the ignition. You can contact a locksmith to get it done. And a car key duplication would not hurt your wallet.

5. Replace the Ignition Cylinder

The faulty ignition cylinder can be the reason for this issue. Well, you need not replace the entire ignition assembly unless the car doesn’t start after the key turned. But make sure you have chosen the proper ignition cylinder that suits the model of your car.

6. Leave It to Locksmith

If these tricks don’t work, you will have no option other than hiring a locksmith. With their knowledge and experience, they know how to remedy this problem. They can easily resolve the issue if it occurs due to the reasons, such as steering wheel lock, faulty key, and faulty ignition.

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