6 Things to Know Before Hiring A Locksmith During Coronavirus Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the entire US. A lot of Americans have lost their lives. But many people are recovering. Each American is following instructions issued by the government to combat the spread of corona virus. And the entire nation is under lockdown.

But many people are getting worried thinking that what they will do if any security-related issue occurs during the lockdown period. Well, there is nothing to get worried about. Many locksmith companies are available to their clients. Now, a lot of questions are lurking in your mind, right? However, this blog can resolve all your queries. So, keep scrolling down!

Significant info before appointing a locksmith amid COVID-19 outbreak

Read the following points attentively before you receive locksmith service during coronavirus lockdown.

1. Will the locksmith companies cost more?

The reputable locksmith companies would not raise their service charges. They understand your urgent requirements. You can check their price guide on their website.

2. Will the call-out charge more?

The locksmiths never charge for call-out during this miserable situation. But it may be added if the experts have to travel a long distance. You can see their price package to ensure it.

3. What about their duty hours?

The duty hours have not been affected due to coronavirus lockdown. They are available to their clients round the clock. The government guidelines denote that tradespeople can continue their work.

4. What services they are offering in this lockdown period?

They are offering most of the locksmith services they usually provide. These include giving a lockout solution, key replacement, deadbolt installation, re-key services, installing a master key system, keyless entry installation, and so many.

5. Will the locksmith company help if you are self-isolated?

Yes, a reputable locksmith company will help even if you are self-isolated. But it’s essential to let the locksmiths know a few crucial things. These include:

• It’s imperative to tell that you are self-isolating • The type of assistance you will need Some locksmith companies are only entertaining emergent requirements.

6. Are the locksmiths maintaining social distancing?

Yes, they are very concerned in this respect. They always keep social distancing while carrying out their tasks. The technicians work with gloves, sanitizer for prevention.

Will the locksmith companies cost more?

We, Wilson’s Locksmith, are open during this lockdown period. All our locksmiths are maintaining hygiene and social distancing while doing their tasks. So, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 612-255-3888 if you need our help.

Stay home and stay safe!

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