5 Types of Effective Modern Car Keys That Keep Your Car Protected

These days, car keys come in a wide range of variety just like cars. As a car owner, it is important to know about the car key, especially when you need to replace the existing one. Remember, a faulty lock and key system can cause a security threat to your vehicle. Hence, you should replace your existing and damaged key with no delay. Now you might think about who can replace your damaged car key quickly and efficiently. A professional auto locksmith can do so. However, prior to calling a locksmith for this purpose, let’s gather some knowledge about some modern key systems. Keep reading the following part to know about different locks.

Different types of modern car keys

Here are several types of car keys that you can use for keeping your vehicle secured.

Remote-controlled car keys

Most car owners rely on these car keys for securing their vehicles. As the name suggests, this unlocking device is operated by remote control. Car key remotes run by the battery. This locking system also uses an infrared signal or the radio transmitter to send a message to the receiver present in the car. An interesting fact is that it sends a coded message to its users.

Switchblade Car Key

Switchblade keys come with a retractable base. These keys remain folded. These keys are popular for convenient using options. You can replace either the head or the whole key separately if they break.

Basic car key

This traditional car key keeps its popularity because of its different features. You can use this car key if your vehicle does not need high-class security, as it is easy to copy.

Whatever the type, you must replace your existing car key if any problem occurs. Remember, replacing modern car keys requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Only efficient automotive locksmiths can replace your existing car key. Now let’s know another sort of popular car key.

The keyless key

This wonderful key is the latest innovation in car keys. True to say, it is not a key. It is a device to keep in your bag or pocket. Your vehicle will recognize it and unlock the door. This modern car key helps to start your vehicle just by pushing the button on the dashboard. It is convenient to use, especially when you have your hands full with kids, shopping bags or anything else.

Laser-cut car keys

Laser-cut car keys are also known as a sidewinder and the internal cut key is another sort of popular car key. These keys are thicker and have different grooves. Laser-cut car keys can protect your vehicle with high-class security. Lock cylinders of these keys are difficult to copy. Because of these, they can provide you with unhindered security Compared to other keys they come with higher replacement costs.

Here are some great and effective car keys you can use for providing unhindered security to your vehicle. Keep faith in, Wilson’s Locksmith if want to enjoy quality locksmith service. Our professional locksmiths will keep your car protected with the appropriate modern car keys. Don’t compromise the safety of your vehicle anymore. Contact us now.

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