5 Door Lock Problems That Property Owner Shouldn’t Overlook

Door lock problems are a common issue that every property owner has to deal with. The reason can be either the climate or how one treats the door locks. But whatever the problem you face, you shouldn’t overlook it. Remember, the locks are one of the most important security features of a home. However, this blog has brought out a few issues that need locksmith services to be eliminated. So, let’s explore!

Never Ignore These Door Lock-Related Issues

You need to call a locksmith if you face the following issues related to your door lock.

1. Loose Locks, Knobs, And Handles

A door lock comes with many moving parts that are vital to secure a property. But these components may lose and fall apart over time. It can be due to normal wear and tear. If you encounter this problem, you may end up locked out of your property. Moreover, your property will become vulnerable to theft. Besides, a loose lock can be the reason for the improper functioning of the keys.

2. Key Has Been Broken In the Lock

It’s truly frustrating when a key is broken inside a lock. Apart from being locked out of a home, this issue can damage the internal component of a lock. Keys usually become brittle when they age, and the older locks tend to rust from humidity. And this is the recipe for this disaster. In this situation, call a locksmith. It’s because DIY may cause additional damages.

3. Damaged Lock Cylinder

When you place a key into the door lock, the key usually spins to lock and unlock the door. But turning the entire cylinder of a lock is a sign of a significant problem. As a result, you may get locked out of your home, or you can’t lock your property. If the entire cylinder spins, it can be due to damaged or loose setscrews. In this case, the screws require replacement or tightening.

4. Misaligned Locks

A door lock works best when the deadbolt fits accurately into the strike plate. But if the alignment of this part is off, the lock becomes useless. The misaligned door lock is an issue that takes place due to improper alignment of the bolt, warped door frame, and weather changes. This issue can be identified easily, and you should resolve it immediately after you trace it. However, a locksmith can give you an ideal solution to deal with it.

5. Jammed Locks Or Latches

A lock can become jammed due to several reasons. One of which is accumulating dirt and debris inside the lock. Besides, the door can be jammed due to a broken latch. In terms of this issue, it’s quite difficult to discover the reason until or unless you appoint a professional locksmith. If you try to force it, a jammed door may result in a broken key.

Never Ignore These Door Lock Related Issues

We, Wilson’s Locksmith, can help you eliminate these issues mentioned above. Our experienced and trained technicians are well aware of different issues related to a door lock. So, contact us without any hesitation.

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